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Our globally-inspired designs for homeware and soft furnishings are all created in-house at our Norfolk studio. The process starts with collections of photographs, scraps of fabric and objects from Birdie’s travels. Initial inspiration is taken from these trips and roughly sketched before being re-drafted multiple times before arriving at the final design. Drawings are then painted by hand or coloured digitally by our in-house design team and sent off to our printers, artisans and makers in India, Morocco, Turkey and beyond.

Considered collections

designed for life

Each collection is designed and curated by Birdie, with expert knowledge from a career in interior design and antiques, with a passion for future heritage. From taking inspiration during her travels, to the design and concept stage at our Norfolk studio, and working in partnership with skilled artisans from around the world - every step is considered to create timeless interiors, designed by Birdie, curated by you.

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Styling advice and inspiration

Blue bedroom styled and designed by Birdie Fortescue

The Art of Styling Blue

Blue makes a fabulous base for a scheme or can be introduced through accents in a brighter shade. Take inspiration from Birdie's favourite blue col...

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This season’s Loire collection has one foot in a simpler, pastoral past and another in a hopeful, sustainable future. Nature is at the heart of the collection and is represented in soft, feminine florals and delicate foliate motifs.

The collection has again been designed with longevity in mind - from block prints and weaves in both floral and geometric designs to a variety of lamps handmade in wood, glass and cane and hand-painted ceramics from Portugal to rattan furniture made by artisans in Assam.

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fresh ideas

damascene and wanderings

Creating Damascene for spring/summer was certainly a challenge during lockdown …. Against the odds, we created a collection that received a wonderful response and for the first time introduced a range of painted rattan furniture for the garden which was a sell out!

Our Wanderings collection for autumn/winter references influences from all over the world; from Romania to China, and Russia to Eastern Africa. Inspiration has been taken from folk history, Baroque architecture and Arts & Crafts textiles to create a look that is eclectic, layered and lived-in.  This rich and classic collection proved very popular providing timeless pieces that will carry over from season to season.  We launched our Wensum Collection of painted furniture - a range of tables inspired by mid-Century Scandinavian design painted in three statement colours.

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what a year...

We were overwhelmed by the support of our loyal customers from both near and far from the very beginning of lockdown. As working patterns changed, we liaised remotely with customers and clients providing a styling and interior design service all over the country.  We are tremendously grateful to all our followers, both new and old who kept us all extremely busy! 

inspirations from morocco

the Medina collection

This year Birdie drew upon inspiration from her travels in Northern Africa to introduce a fresh influence for Autumn/Winter.

Birdie's trip led her through the bustling streets of Marrakech, across the sweeping beaches of Tangier and through the desert landscape of the Atlas mountains. She drew inspiration from traditional textiles, decorative embellishments and ancient techniques to create this rich and earthy collection.

moving forwards

online growth

In response to the change in the retail climate, it became clear that it was time to move to premises more suitable for the rapidly growing online side of the business.

We were very sad to leave our beautiful shop in Burnham Market, however by creating a showroom adjoining our warehouse and offices in Fakenham, we were able to house all elements of the business under one roof.  We are thrilled that our loyal customers continue to beat a path to our door from all over the country, while of course others enjoy the luxury of shopping online from their own homes.

new beginnings

The launch of our first branded collection

Building on what she had learned through encountering extraordinary crafts and artisans, Birdie launched her first collection in the Spring.  Designed from her studio in Norfolk and manufactured by artisans in India, this collection marked the start of her dream becoming a reality.

first trip

inspired by travel

In 2016 Birdie travelled to India to explore the country’s unique artisanal methods and to research different crafts. She was instantly taken by the quality and expertise of the hand block printing, kantha work and tie dying of textiles, together with other skills such as glass blowing and wood turning. Little did she know then the impact this trip would have on the future of her business: what had started as a tentative idea soon became a reality.

Every collection since then has been inspired by Birdie's travels - whether to India, Africa, Portugal, Turkey or beyond.  Along the way she has thus discovered a multitude of artisans in many countries, and through working with them has built long lasting relationships.

birdie fortescue online

The launch of our website

This was a very exciting year for us!  

Thanks to the layout of the shop, Birdie was able to develop room sets where antiques, art and homeware could sit in harmony together giving our customers the full experience of how a combination can look in their homes.

Endless trip sourcing both homeware and antiques were taken to France, Italy and Scandinavia which enabled Birdie to curate the calm, cohesive and eclectic look she is known for. As the shop and customer base developed, the natural progression was to go online making the brand accessible to everyone thereby reaching a wider market.  Our first website was launched towards the end of the year!

Burnham market

the beginning

The business was established in 2014 when Birdie and her family moved to Norfolk. The shop, a 19th Century converted warehouse in the beautiful North Norfolk village of Burnham Market, was initially intended as an antique shop.  This was to be the perfect progression for Birdie's career in antique dealing. However, it was soon realised that the space was going to be too large for antiques alone, thus creating an opportunity that would influence the core of the brand today. 

Birdie drew from her experience in interior design and created an ‘interiors destination’ selling selected homeware which fitted with her aesthetic and taste sourced from across the globe and therefore not easily found in the UK.

We were thrilled by the wonderful reception and feedback we received; being based near the coast, customers both locally and far afield came to see us while spending their holidays in Norfolk.

The shop gave Birdie the perfect opportunity to draw from her interiors expertise and express her style across the spectrum of homeware, antiques and art!