1 Cushion, 6 Ways

October 07, 2021


The beauty of our Wanderings collection is that it is so easy to style. Each piece has just the right balance of colour, texture and detail to make it effortless to use as a statement piece or to blend in with existing soft furnishings.

Our cushion of the moment is our Scalloped Celandine Cushion. Block-printed with an all-over floral design and finished with a statement scalloped edge, this cushion has style and versatility by the bucket load. We’ve found that it goes with just about everything so here’s our edit: 1 cushion 6 ways but trust us, the styling possibilities are endless!

1. Smart and pared back

This look is incredibly easy to achieve and will work on just about any sofa. Use two large Catifea velvets as backs and then layer with a Scalloped Celandine on one side and a Linear Himzett on the other. Finish the look with an Embroidered Catifea cushion in sumptuous velvet. Perfect for winter, ultra comfy and totally stylish! 

Scalloped Cushion

2. The comfy armchair

Everyone has a favourite armchair somewhere in the house - why not give yours a bit of an update with a new set of cushions? If you have a particularly wide armchair then use a Bel Stripe at the back followed by our Scalloped Celandine. If you need a bit of extra back support then how about adding a Pleated Catifea Velvet at the front? Easy and beyond cosy! 

Green Cushions

3. Guest bedroom

Why not elevate your guest room with a new set of bed cushions? They not only look stylish but give a real sense of comfort in the colder season. Add a statement bedspread and your space will be transformed. Here we’ve used a pair of our Catifea Velvets at the back and then added two Scalloped Celandines at the front. As a finishing touch (and extra layer of warmth) we’ve styled with one of our striped wool throws in soft blue and taupe. 

Blue Cushions

4. The big sitting room sofa

Is your much loved sitting room sofa in need of a refresh? How about a totally new set of cushions to totally change the look? This combination delivers total comfort with lots of different cushion sizes for maximum versatility.

Make a start with two pairs of our big back cushions - Catifea velvets at the very back followed by our block printed Bel cushions. Don’t worry about pairing colours exactly, it can often look much more effective with a slightly off-balance arrangement that actually results in a more harmonious final result.

Add Scalloped Celandine cushions and then combine Bordered Himzett, Ilex, Bel Stripe and Embroidered Catifea cushions at the front. Again don’t worry about symmetry, instead go for pleasing groups that work well as a whole. We’ve used a mix of reds and greens for this scheme but blues and reds or blues and greens would work just as well. You could even opt for tones of the same colour for a look that will bring out the textures and details. 

Large Cushion Arrangement

5. The house warming present

What could be nicer than a carefully chosen set of cushions to turn a new house into a home? This combination of Scalloped Celandine cushions (matching for versatility), a statement Suzani throw and a trio of Kaanch vases is perfect for styling a new sitting room, adding personality to a bedroom or elevating a newly dressed drawing room.

Cushion and homewares collection 

6. The Christmas present

It’s officially acceptable to start thinking about Christmas so how about this as a wonderfully generous gift for a loved one? Going for two matching pairs of cushions means that they can be used on sofas, beds or split up and styled on separate armchairs. 

Blue and Green Cushion Arrangement 


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