A Rug For Every Room with Birdie Fortescue

September 9, 2021

A Rug for Every Room with Birdie Fortescue

 Flooring can be such an overlooked feature of a room, even though it is integral to the success of a scheme. Take a look at any of your favourite interiors Instagram accounts and what do you see? Lots of well chosen rugs! Unlike pieces of furniture or statement accessories, rugs tend to be seen as part of the fabric of a room and not given the attention they deserve. We know that a carefully selected rug has the power to completely transform an interior - bringing colours together, anchoring textures and creating structure. 
In each collection we aim to offer a rug to suit every room, so that sourcing a perfect floor covering becomes a breeze.



The generous proportions of this staple rug make it perfect for larger areas. Woven from dyed jute, this stylish rug strikes just the right balance between smart and casual. The subtle colours are easy to slot in to any scheme and work well throughout the seasons. 
These Limited Edition Turkish rugs are absolute favourites - they are chic, contemporary and totally versatile. The simple linear designs work incredibly well in both traditional and modern interiors. These rugs are made from 80% recycled hemp, which is interwoven with looped wool, to create a richly textured finish that is very comfortable underfoot. 
Pattee Stripe Rug

Sitting Room 

We are huge fans of the growing trend for all things checked and these rugs are a really fun take on a checkerboard design. Try the smaller size for a cosy sitting room or snug. 
Gabbeh II is part of our Limited Edition Gabbeh collection of rugs made by nomad weavers in Afghanistan. The smaller proportions and high pile of this particular rug would make it perfect in a compact living space. Reflect the warm tones of the weave in soft furnishings and accessories for a coordinated look. 

Drawing Room 

These fabulous new Suzani rugs have been designed by Birdie and her team and are the ultimate statement piece for a smart drawing room. The three soft colourways and crisp, unfussy designs are easy to slot into existing schemes of all styles.
Our Limited Edition Cicim rugs have all been personally sourced by Birdie from the Adana region of Southern Anatolia. This particular rug is a wonderfully generous size and has just the right combination of colour, pattern and texture to make it a useful anchor in any scheme. 
Bellis Suzani Rug


We love how versatile these rugs are! The light ground and soft designs give them a feminine quality that works particularly well in a bedroom. Choose from two sizes to suit your space and reflect the gentle colours in carefully chosen throws and cushions for a cohesive look.
These exceptional rugs are all hand embroidered with butterflies, moths, birds and insects. The combination of whimsical motifs and bright colours makes these unusual rugs perfect in bedrooms, particularly children’s rooms. 
Whimsical Wildlife Rug

The Multi Tasker 

Our screen printed Ikat rugs are the last word in versatility. Style these cotton rugs in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, summer houses, conservatories, hallways, poolhouses and any other space you can think of! Available in two practical sizes and three soft summer colours, they are just as stylish as they are versatile. 
Ikat Rug

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