Christmas Decorating Tips

With Christmas now just around the corner, it is the perfect time to spruce up your home décor and indulge in the festive season! As well as a beautiful step-by-step wreath making tutorial provided by the wonderful King.Witham, we are giving some quick tips on how to create a striking Christmas dining table and a special way to gift one of our most popular vases…

King.Witham’s Guide to Wreath Making 

What you will need:
14-inch wicker or moss wreath base 
Florists reel wire (24 gauge)
Wire cutters
Satin ribbon
Varieties of fir branches
Branches of red berries
Long leaf eucalyptus
Branches of fir cones
Curly willow branches
Wreath 1
1. Start by attaching the end of your wire to the top of the wreath, looping and tying it around. This will be the starting point of your wreath. 
2. Bring together your first bunch of foliage by arranging it in your hand. Start with traditional fir foliage at the base as it is the sturdiest, and work upwards layering the more delicate pieces such as the mistletoe at the top (stems should be roughly 15-20cm long). You can then either wire your foliage as an individual bunch to then attach to your base with the wire, or lay onto the base and wrap the wire around as you go. 
 Wreath 2
3. Position your wired or loose bunch onto your base facing towards the right at an angle and wrap your wire around the base and foliage 2-3 times, pulling tightly to secure.
4. Continue to form individual bunches of foliage varying the stems used to create a natural, wild feel adding in branches of fir cones at varying positions. Layer each bunch so that the tip covers the wired end of the previous bunch, working anti-clockwise around the frame. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look immediately symmetrical as you will be able to add individual pieces of foliage in at the end.
 Wreath 3
5. When the full circle is complete, secure the wire by wrapping it around the base and tying at the back.
6. Next, find the top of the wreath and hang it up to check the balance of foliage and overall shape. If any extra stems are needed, add these in individually, finding the wire at the base to secure and hold the stem. 
 Wreath 4
7. Now it’s time to add the accents! Use simple branches of curly willow to add an extra dimension and shape and place these at even points around the base, some facing upwards and some facing forwards to add to the three dimensional shape. As above, these are secured by poking into the base to find the wire to secure.
 Wreath 5
8. Finish with a loop of ribbon positioned just off centre and enjoy for the rest of the festive season on your door!
 Wreath 6

Birdie’s Quick Christmas Tips 

The Kaanch Vase
Whether to decorate your own home or to give as a present, our range of Kaanch Flower Vases are the perfect shape for Christmas Hyacinth bulbs. They sit perfectly in the wide rim of the vase, the roots become exposed in the water and the flowers thrive while also filling your home with their sweet scent and beautiful appearance. Whether on their own or in a group, this pairing is bound to bring Christmas cheer to any interior.
  Kaanch Flower Vases with hyacinths
The Dining Table
Simple, understated tablelinen and crockery allows you to bring your table to life through bold ceramics, glassware and florals. The rich tones of the tablelinen are enhanced with the reds of the Sanguisorba flowers, the claret and pinks colours of the candles and the waxed pinecones. Being interspersed with verdant ivy and holly, they contrast perfectly and create a harmonious arrangement. This base of greenery, while wonderfully Christmassy, also allows for the architectural pussy-willow and bright candles to stand above (and out!) to really dramatise the table, leaving you with a bold and beautiful setting.
We can’t resist bringing in a statement bowl for the mince pies! Bold and beautiful, this wonderful ceramic emphasises the tones of red found throughout the table and acts as the perfect finishing touch.