Christmas Dining Inspiration

Getting a head start on your Christmas table planning is definitely a smart move so we’ve compiled Birdie’s answers to four of your most asked questions on festive table planning. So read on and save yourself at least a little bit of Christmas stress!


1. I really want to impress my guests but where do I start?

The most amazing tables are usually the best planned. Decide on a colour scheme and choose something to base your look on. This could be a beautiful tablecloth like our Ilex cloth, an antique centrepiece or a lovely runner you’re planning on making from seasonal foliage. Once you’ve got this basic framework sorted you can start fleshing things out by adding extra linens, crockery, glassware and decorations.

2. I’ve got lovely antique table linens to use but they’re plain white, how can I make them look a bit more interesting?

This is the perfect opportunity to go big on styling. White linens look lovely with a palette of greens or loads of different natural tones. So you could go with lots of greenery along the middle of the table (more is definitely more in this situation), clusters of candlesticks with green or white candles and glassware with lots of different textures. If you can find crockery with a hint of green then even better. The natural option works well with a slightly rustic feel. Think branches, pine cones, dried seed heads and wooden-handled cutlery like our Linear set.

 3. I want to do something a bit different, do you have any ideas?

Green and red are obviously very traditional but how about a blue scheme? Blues against natural linen and soft arrangements of seasonal foliage can look wonderfully soft and sophisticated. Try a totally monochrome look with blue linens (like our Ilex and Bordered prints), blue painted crockery (our Bel plates and bowls are perfect for this) and blue decorations. Introduce a few subtle natural tones in any floral arrangements and place in blue vases or votives of different sizes and heights. We’ve just launched a new collection of our bestselling Beehive votives which come in handy sets of three, making them perfect for table styling. Blue candlesticks like our Rosie candlesticks with a mix of blue and white candles would complete the look.

 4. Any ideas for good old green and red?

You can’t go wrong with green and red but how about softening the red to a gentle berry tone for an updated look? One of our favourite recent tables was created with a base of our Ilex printed linens in green, Linear wooden-handled cutlery and a mix of our fabulous Romanian bowls. These bowls are the key to tying the two colours together and mean that introducing pink Rosie candlesticks, deep berry candles and coordinating florals results in a completely harmonious scheme. 

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