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We spend a lot of time styling cushions! Whether for the showroom or our collection photoshoots, we feel pretty confident that we can whip an unexciting sofa into shape in a matter of seconds! 
We get lots of SOS emails from clients who are in a muddle with cushions and we completely understand that it can be challenging getting it right. Creating something stylish and interesting isn't always easy without a little inspiration which is what we've aimed to create here. With ideas for sofas, chairs and beds in different colours and styles hopefully there is something for everyone! We are always happy to help with styling dilemmas so please feel free to email us if you are in a pickle and need some expert advice! 

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Casual, Comfy Sofa 


Birdie Fortescue Blog | Cushion Styling Edit | Green and Coral Layout


Here we have mixed our wonderful Limited Edition Khadi cushions in taupes, corals and rusts with crewel cushions in forest green from our sale. The big 60 x 60 cm back cushions work very well as ends to frame the different tones and textures in the middle. Notice how the arrangement isn't quite symmetrical to add extra interest.


Birdie Fortescue Blog | Sofa Cushion Layout Inspiration


As an alternative this striking layout makes use of tones of rich denim and indigo. The varying textures, trimmings and embroidered details break up the strong the colour and add visual interest. Again the slight asymmetry prevents the whole scheme from looking boring.


Birdie Fortescue Blog | Styling Cushions on a Bed


Smart Bedroom


Birdie Fortescue Blog | Cushion Layout for a Smart Bedroom

For an easy, stylish solution for any bed use two big 60 x 60 back cushions with two 50 x 50 printed cushions in a co-ordinating colour. We have paired our embroidered linen Mulaayam cushions with the Wave print for a clean, sophisticated look. These textures work particularly well with the distressed headboard and other natural textures in the room.

Birdie Fortescue Blog | Embroidered Cushions


Statement cushions like those above are strong enough to hold their own on a bed. A simple pair of embroidered rectangular cushions would look very stylish on a double bed as would the simple pairing for a single.


Birdie Fortescue Blog | Sofa Styling in a Smart Drawing Room


Formal Drawing Room

We are big fans of this layout - it is essentially structured as two groups of cushions which slot into each other. The asymmetry of the arrangement lends a more contemporary feel that is still smart enough for a formal space. We have created the same arrangement in pink below for a different look.


Birdie Fortescue Blog | Pink Cushion Layout


Birdie Fortescue Blog | Summer Sofa Cushion Styling


Fun Layouts for Summer 

This is an easy look to style in a sitting room, conservatory or even on a bench in the garden on a sunny afternoon. Any of the colours in the Aakaar range could be swapped in and patterns mixed and matched.



Birdie Fortescue Blog | Aakaar Pink and Yellow Cushion Layout


Birdie Fortescue Blog | Aakaar Summer Cushion Layout