Cushion Talk

Cushion Talk

Gone are the days when interior designers have to go to the lengths of sourcing
fabrics and trimmings for proposed cushions, ordering these and then having
them sent to a seamstress to be made up. Cushions, then, were a huge luxury as
the costs involved with minimum fabric quantities, delivery charges and so forth
were enormous.

Today, the choice of ready made cushions on the market is immense. At Birdie
Fortescue, we pride ourselves on stocking a wide selection of cushions in varying
sizes, patterns and textures. Our own branded hand block printed cushions
remain a firm favourite with the designs co-ordinating so that they mix and match
with each other. We also stock a wide selection of textured cushions in fabrics such as velvet, wool and linen. 

Customers come to us to update or replace their cushions which instantly gives a
room a fresh look. Equally, changing them with the
seasons is becoming increasingly popular – this injects a bright fresh feel
for the summer months or warmth and cosiness for the winter.

Here are some helpful tips for styling cushions...

Sofa Layout | Birdie Fortescue Blog

Use bold patterns and different cushion shapes for an architectural look that works perfectly on a sofa with contemporary clean lines.


Formal Sofa Layout | Birdie Fortescue Blog


A symmetrical arrangement such as this lends itself to a more formal setting whilst the mixture of textures, patterns and tones keeps the overall look soft and inviting.

Patterned Sofa Styling | Birdie Fortescue Blog

For a fun, relaxed look mix non symmetrical patterns in a single tone. This layout is perfect for a snug or sitting room.

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