A great room scheme is made up of lots of parts. Take a look at the work of any good interior designer and you'll notice just how many components go into a single space. Managing all of these elements is a delicate balancing act: Too much furniture and the room looks cluttered, not enough texture and the final look is flat and uninteresting. There are so many things to think about when you start putting a room together, but one of the most important areas is the floor.

Whether you've got original floor boards, fitted rush matting or wall to wall carpets, the chances are that you'll need a rug somewhere. The first thing to remember is that bigger is usually better when it comes to rugs. Tiny rugs that 'float' underneath coffee tables or at strange strange angles in the middle of the room are to be avoided at all costs! Instead aim for a floor covering that extends underneath all of the furniture in a specific area of a room. This allows the rug to pull everything together and unify colours, textures and patterns.

Birdie Fortescue | Loire Collection Drawing Room

Here our Ziggurat Kilim covers the main area of the floor space with the edges covered by the sofa and armchairs. On bare wood floors this adds warmth, creates a nicer feel underfoot and is vital to the wider room scheme. Without the rug the dark boards would drag the colours down and result in a much darker, harsher look. Instead the soft pastel tones in the cushions, furniture and accessories are echoed in the geometric weave of the kilim. This brings cohesion to the final scheme and brings a sharper note to the floral prints and soft colours. 

The new Ziggurat Kilim is available in two useful sizes and each piece has been made entirely by hand in Pakistan
A bedroom is the perfect place to create as much warmth and comfort as possible. Even if you have good carpets, a well chosen rug can transform a bedroom and make it instantly feel cosier and more inviting. Make sure that you choose a rug that's large enough to sit underneath the bed and extend out on every side. Ideally aim for about a metre of rug on both sides and at the bottom to create the right proportions. Our brand new Tulip Suzanis work so well in bedrooms and have just the right mix of classic chic and contemporary style. The embroidered floral design is soft and feminine but still makes a punchy statement. 

All three colour ways have a neutral ground and a certain amount of green which is an easy colour to place within existing schemes. 


Birdie Fortescue Blog | Rhombus Rug in Dining Room

 A dining room can be transformed with the addition of a stylish rug. Use the same principal as you would for a bedroom and make sure that the rug you choose is completely covered by your table and all of the chairs. Ideally the rug should be large enough for the chairs to be pulled out without catching on the edges. The pale Rhombus rug we used in this dining room instantly made the room look lighter and brighter. Without it the dark flooring absorbed lots of the natural light and made the space gloomy during the day. The pop of colour in the geometric design links back to the curtain fabric and provides a useful starting point for the tones in the table linens and accessories.

Birdie Fortescue Blog | Rhombus Rug in Pink

Our Rhombus rugs are woven from a mix of wool and jute and are available in four sizes.


Birdie Fortescue | Ghapla Jute Rug Hallway 

If your space calls for something a little more rustic then our jute Ghapla rug could be the perfect solution. These versatile rugs work particularly well in hallways, kitchens and other hardworking spaces that need robust floor coverings. With four warm colours to choose from (including a natural, un-dyed option) this rug is a failsafe choice for any interior. We love styling these rugs underneath tables in hallways or dining spaces and they’re a great way to add warmth to rooms with stone or wooden floors. 

Birdie Fortescue Blog | Ghapla Jute Rug Natural

These timeless rugs are made from individual squares of woven jute which are stitched together to create a patchwork effect.

Birdie Fortescue | Sheepswool Rug in Bedroom

Sometimes layering rugs can be a great option if you need a little extra cosiness in a specific area. Our Sheepswool rugs are the perfect solution for this and are the most luxurious things to sink bare feet into at a bedside. These incredibly soft rugs are made from 100% natural sheep's wool. Unlike sheepskins these rugs give you the best of both worlds with all of the comfort of fleece without the irregular shapes and limited sizes of skins. 


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