Styling Antiques, Contemporary Art & Modern Accessories in your Home

Our brand is based on Birdie's own interior design style which is all about combining antique pieces with contemporary art and curated accessories for a layered yet understated look. There are lots of ways to replicate this in your home and we have put together some ideas for everything from a small tweak to a complete room makeover.
The first thing to think about is the style of your home and the 'canvas' you have to work with. A modern property with bare white walls will need to be looked at in a slightly different way to a historic property with low ceilings, panelling and old stone floors for example. 

Birdie Fortescue Blog | Antiques and Art in Contemporary Interiors


In this bedroom Birdie has combined polished antique pieces with contemporary fabrics and soft furnishings. The look is completed with a modern drawing in a loose style which helps to keep the overall effect unfussy. If you have a few polished pieces at home try breaking them up with painted items and style with simple accessories.

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Printed Cotton Rug was £150 now £75 | Italian Rosewood & Mahogany Commode £2,650 | 'Lost Garden' by Dana Finch £1,250 | Mulaayam Embroidered Cushion £55.00 | Ribbed Votives were from £12.95 now from £5.18


Birdie Fortescue Blog | Colefax and Fowler


Colefax and Fowler have created a lovely airy drawing room with simple, well designed pieces of furniture that don't compete with the statement fabrics. The armchair is one of our mid-century pieces which has been paired with a contemporary sofa in a bold colour and an unusual modern coffee table. The use of different shapes and textures is very clever with each item holding its own as part of the overall scheme. If you have a fairly minimalist home then this would be a very easy look to recreate. Choose pieces of furniture carefully and ensure that each item has enough 'strength' to look balanced in a fairly sparse scheme. A pop of bright colour works very well on a single item and helps to re-direct attention away from dominant patterns.

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1960s Italian Sofa £2,250 | Pair of Mid-Century Chairs £2,250 | Francois Monnet for Kappa Coffee Table £1,500


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Birdie's dining room combines contemporary paintings, painted antiques and rustic pieces. The whole scheme is completed with modern ceramic lamps and accessories. This room has a really cohesive look that has been achieved with careful attention to the overall colour palette and range of textures; no one item is dominating the others and the balance between rustic textures (the bare brick and scrubbed table) and 'cleaner' finishes (the paintwork, ceramics and lamps) is completely harmonious.

Birdie Fortescue Blog | Rustic Antiques and Textural Art


Swedish Painted Buffet £2,750 | 'Umbi.s2.02' £750, 'Umbi s1.03' £750, 'Amos s1.02' £750, all original paintings by Alex Jorgensen | Round Antique Mirror (assorted sizes) from £77.50 each | Lakadee Vase Lamp was £99.50 now £49.75

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We love the way that antiques have been used in this interior. Whilst very little colour has been used, textures have been employed in a clever way throughout the scheme. Note how the pattern in the wooden floor is echoed in the marquetry cabinet and the woven texture of the sisal rug is reflected in the upholstery on the chairs. Including slick contemporary pieces like the standard lamp and metal coffee table helps to keep the look fresh and modern. Our own art deco chairs would be perfect for recreating this look and could be easily paired with existing pieces of furniture.

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19th Century French Mirror with Bolection Moulding £590 | Pair of Art Deco Armchairs £2,250 | Limited Edition Khadi Cushion £45.00 | Mahogany Gueridon £1,650