Summer Table Decor

Throughout lockdown we have loved Laura Jackson's Making a Meal of It posts and Fiona Leahy's wonderful home tablescapes for one or two. Whilst we can't wait to be able to entertain family and friends again, this period has made us truly appreciate how extra efforts like a well laid table can make such a difference to a meal at home. So this week's blog pulls together our top decor tips and inspiration for tables, whether laid for one, two, or further down the line, 30!

The Co ord Look

Birdie Fortescue Blog | Summer Tablescape

This look is all about the linens: Layer matching napkins, placemats and a tablecloth with crockery in co-ordinating tones. Highlight your key colour with well chosen flowers and candles and then add neutral decorative pieces and glassware to complete the look. The idea here is for everything to be tonal and harmonious.
Birdie Fortescue Blog | Mishran Tablecloth Cerulean
Mishran Tablecloth | Cerulean | From £125

Birdie Fortescue Blog | Mishran Napkin Cerulean

Mishran Napkin | Cerulean | £12.50

Birdie Fortescue | Wine Glass

Sundar Red Wine Glass | £9.50


The Pretty Table

Birdie Fortescue Blog | Summer Tablescape

The key to achieving this look is to hone in on the smaller details. Here we have used pink linens as a base and then styled with natural textures and crisp white crockery. The Romanian bowls then introduce some different colours to the palette which are also picked up in the flowers. Using a large arrangement in addition to individual stems in bud vases gives an abundant look which is perfect for summer.
Birdie Fortescue Blog | Mishran Placemat Blossom
Mishran Placemat | Blossom | £14.50

Birdie Fortescue Blog | Romanian Bowls

Set of 6 Limited Edition Romanian Bowls | No 19 | £72.00

Birdie Fortescue Blog | Bud Vases

Decorative Glass Bud Vase Set | £59.50


The Minimal Look

Birdie Fortescue Blog | Summer Tablescape

This look starts with a bare table so that all the focus is on the crockery and any decorative ceramics. White napkins and Jute placemats act as a simple base for Cabbageware plates in white and green. These tones are then highlighted in the delicate bud vases and tumblers. To lift the palette we used hydrangea heads in acid green to tie in with the main vase for the central arrangement.
Birdie Fortescue | Cabbageware Plate
Cabbageware Dinner Plate | £21.00

Birdie Fortescue | Tulip Vase

Tulip Vase | Green | from £16.50

Birdie Fortescue | Joanna Ling Bud Vases

Limited Edition Joanna Ling Bud Vases | from £42.00


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