The Kente Rug – tips for Interior Styling


One of our favourites for Summer 2020 Mishran Collection is our much loved Kente Rug. Ideal for a summer room, pool or beach house, it is a versatile and lightweight rug which oozes character and fun. It is perfect to roll up and take with you on a camping trip and makes the ideal picnic blanket! 


Birdie Fortescue | Kente Printed Cotton Rug Watermelon


Inspiration from West Africa
This design was inspired by the original Ghanaian textile made from interwoven cloth strips of silk and cotton which, when woven together, create a dense and textured fabric. The cloth was formerly only used by Akan royals as sacred clothing. However, it is now widely worn by Ghanaian tribespeople as a symbol of ethnic pride and used as stoles by African American students in graduation ceremonies worldwide.
Birdie Fortescue | Birdie's Travel Picture of the Kente Rug Creation taken in Jaipur
Creating the Rug

We adapted the original intricate Kente design and interpreted the pattern using the colours of our current collection, Mishran. The finished artwork was sent off to our talented artisan makers in India, who created exacting samples for approval.  These cotton rugs are screen printed and stone-washed to create a modern version on the original Kente cloth.


Birdie Fortescue | Birdie's Travel pictures taken in Jaipur, the place where our rugs were woven by our artisan makers


Style Your Way

Use this stunning rug as the central focus for a summer interior by creating colour and texture on which to build - perfect under a coffee table or even as a luxurious addition to a big bathroom. They can also be used to add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral interior.  Due to the softening effects of stone-washing, they are easy to coordinate with other patterns to compliment a scheme.

Pair with simple rattan furniture to create the basis of a simple, elegant look.

For any further styling or interiors tips, please don’t hesitate to contact us and our team will be delighted to advise.


Birdie Fortescue | Styled Shot of the Kente Rug on location at Voewood