Crosshatch Block Printed Lampshade - Pink

Crosshatch Block Printed Lampshade - Pink

£49.50 £49.50

Our Mishran Crosshatch is a contemporary take on traditional Kente cloth. Originating from West Africa, Kente cloth is produced in narrow woven strips which are then stitched together to form bolts of cloth. Patterns usually consist of lines and simple motifs on a small scale which create a dense, textural look once put together. For this print we have stripped this idea down to its most basic form to create a linear print on a small scale. Hand block printed on a linen/cotton mix these lampshades are available in five different sizes and four colours.

Extra Small:

30cm base diameter x 25 cm top diameter x 20 cm height / LMP001


35cm base diameter x 30 cm top diameter x 22 cm height / LMP002


40cm base diameter x 35 cm top diameter x 24 cm height / LMP003


45cm base diameter x 39 cm top diameter x 27 cm height / LMP004

Extra Large:

50cm base diameter x 45 cm top diameter x 29 cm height / LMP005

Made in India

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