Marble Printed Lampshade - Cerulean

Marble Printed Lampshade - Cerulean

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The Mishran Marble is a soft, delicate take on traditional marbled designs. The undulating linear print was created by a local artist from poured acrylic paint which was then transformed into a digital print by our artisans in Delhi. Printed on a linen/cotton mix these lampshades are available in four different sizes and two colours.

Extra Small:

30cm base diameter x 25 cm top diameter x 20 cm height / LMP025


35cm base diameter x 30 cm top diameter x 22 cm height / LMP026


40cm base diameter x 35 cm top diameter x 24 cm height / LMP027


45cm base diameter x 39 cm top diameter x 27 cm height / LMP028


Made in India

Orders of large quantities may attract additional delivery charges.

The Story

 In Hindi Mishran means 'Mix' which encompasses the eclectic feel of the range. The gossamer-like tendrils of our new strié print are picked out in delicate Blossom and softest Cerulean, trailing across napkins, tablecloths and cushions. With a palette of chalky white, natural rattan and wood, Cerulean tablescapes are light, bright and coastal whilst Blossom tables are effortlessly summery with abundant picked flowers, fine glass and painted ceramics. 

On sofas and chairs we combine our staple printed cushions with Limited Edition pieces made from sabra silk kilims, khadi cloth and Indian woven blankets. Colours range from Rose and Coral to Veridan, Cornflower and Seafoam.