Antoinette Poisson - Handmade Notebook V

Antoinette Poisson - Handmade Notebook V


Antoinette Poisson was created by a group of paper conservators interested in reviving the historic craft of domino paper making. During the Age of the Enlightenment in France the dominotiers’ guild printed ornate motifs on small paper sheets using engraved plates and colour applied with stencils. These decorative sheets of paper were called “dominos” Coffers and pieces of furniture were lined with domino paper and small rooms such as corridors and alcoves were also adorned with the papers.

Domino paper was often used for binding paperback books and these pieces are now the best reference of a technique which disappeared at the end of the 18th century. Antoinette Poisson’s designs were recently used for Gucci's summer resort collection and to decorate the newly refurbished Gucci Wooster boutique in New York.

The Antoinette Poisson studio explains: “The paper is made according to traditional 18th-century techniques. Jacques Bréjoux who makes our paper collects old linen and hemp clothes from the 18th and 19th centuries which he shreds into small pieces which are then hammered, put into water and then sieved in order to create a pulp which is dried and pressed”, explains Stordiau. “It takes approximately one day to print 100 sheets and around one or two minutes per colour per sheet to paint.”


21 x 14 cm

160 plain pages