How to Create the Perfect Easter Lunch Table

How to Create the Perfect Easter Lunch Table 

Are you planning on hosting family and friends this Easter? Whether you’ll be setting your table for 2 or 20, there’s nothing nicer than pulling out all the stops to make a memorable tablescape for everyone to enjoy. Easter is a great opportunity to really have fun with your styling and even the chicest tables can get away with a few light-hearted touches.

The first thing you’ll need to think about is where your table will be located. If you’re being bold and planning on eating outside then back up sheepskins and blankets for chairs could be very good things to have in reserve! You might also decide to choose decorative objects with a bit of weight that won’t constantly be blown away if the day proves to be slightly windy.

Birdie Fortescue Outdoor Dining

If your table is long then consider a tablecloth with an all-over print. Plain cloths can look a bit stark, particularly on very large tables, and tend to need more styling. We’ve created our Bouquet de Fleurs cloth specifically to make the styling process as easy as possible. The print contains several colours so can tie in with a range of different tones and the ruffled edge is perfect for creating visual impact from afar. 

Pair a floral cloth with matching napkins and placemats or choose contrasting pieces for a more contemporary look. We’ve used raffia mats on this table to link back to the rattan chairs. You could also try solid or shaped fabric alternatives like our Quatrefoil mats

Bouquet de Fleurs Floral Tablecloth

To complete this look choose glassware in delicate tones like the soft greens and peaches we’ve used here. Mixing textured glass in with plain is a great way to add interest and is particularly effective outside where the sunlight can interact with the different surfaces. As our Bouquet de Fleurs cloth contains a mixture of ‘true’ pinks and more apricot tones, we’ve included lots of pink Cabbageware crockery here too. This setting would work very well scattered with painted Easter eggs. If you prefer a sharper look then maybe a single egg at each place would be a thoughtful touch.

Green Dining with Magnolia Linen Tablecloth

If you’re planning a more formal gathering then how about creating something along the lines of this smart, verdant table? Green is such a forgiving colour and is perfect for Spring. It also sits remarkably well alongside all sorts of other colours so is easy to place within a room. The prints and patterns we’ve used here are mainly leafy rather than floral but still feel fresh and seasonal. Our Magnolia tablecloth is the base for this setting and we’ve then added embroidered Foliage napkins and placemats. Matching hand-painted crockery and ceramic candlesticks complete this look. Using so many matching elements gives this table a slick, cohesive feel that’s perfect even for a smart dinner party. For added Easter fun we would add vintage papier maché eggs or even ceramic ones, left plain or simply painted.

If you prefer an eclectic look then try leaving your table bare and adding colour with glassware, crockery and decorative accessories. This table uses a range of pinks, peaches, blues and indigos and incorporates lots of different textures. The papier maché placemats, napkins and candlesticks create cohesion and introduce a key decorative motif. Simple stacked crockery is mixed in with coloured glass plates to tie in with the reeded glass tumblers and water jugs. Rather than using matching glass vases we’ve opted for rustic Romanian urns. The charming hand-painted finish on these earthenware pots creates the perfect visual link with the surface of the table.

Birdie Fortescue Outdoor Dining

This setting would be perfect for a gathering with lots of children as there’s no cloth for them to get tangled up in (or spill things on!) and it would be easy to add in lots of fun decorative elements. Attractive Easter decorations are now fairly widely available and we might even stretch to using some little rabbit figures mixed in with lots of edible and decorative eggs here. If you’re going big on eggs then make sure you a selection of different sizes to maintain the structure of the table. You could even hang some from arrangements of branches too.

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