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A Spotlight on Pavilion
A Spotlight on Pavilion
18th April 2024
This season we are thrilled to introduce our new Pavilion Collection of furniture, featuring ottomans, headboards and side tables inspired by nature and perfect for the season. Why not elevate your interior with simple, classic pieces that add understated style without being too bulky. You will never tire of this beautiful design!

Welcome to Pavilion

Brimming with individuality each item from this collection boasts a hand carved leaf design and an intricate woven cane finish carefully hand woven by talented artisans in India. This range is ideal for both contemporary and traditional interiors alike, with individual items looking stylish as standalone pieces or matched with others from the collection. With three beautiful colour options available, these furnishings are interchangeable to suit your taste, and as always have been designed to integrate seamlessly with our other collections and homeware you already own.

The Ottoman

Sleek and sturdy, the Pavilion Wooden Ottoman is so versatile and has many uses - perfect as a coffee table, extra seating, or storage for footwear in your porch. These pieces aren’t too deep, therefore won’t take up valuable floor space wherever you choose to position them. We think the ottoman looks fantastic at the end of a bed, providing balance, especially if your bed has no no footboard. Available in three summery colour ways, the lower shelf is ideal for storing extra blankets or your slippers, and the top is comfortable to sit on. 

Style your ottoman with a beautifully layered bed featuring cushions, throws and a crisp white Quilted Squares Bedspread. We love to pair our Shisho Embroidered Velvet Cushion and our new floral Andalusia Cushion with an Ori Throw.  Why not add one of our headboards to your arrangement - coordinate with Pavilion, or create contrast and pops of colour with our chequered Rattan Headboards. As a final touch add a luxurious rug such as our Buna Rug for softness, or our Prateek for a bolder look. Arrange your rug under the bed, this is particularly effective in rooms with hardwood floors that can often feel cold to the touch - this keeps your feet nice and warm when you get out of bed. 

Our Headboards

Traditional cane and wooden headboards can often be bulky and quite dominant in your bedroom space - in some settings this can look great! However, a calm and gentle approach to bedroom decor is often a preferred style, allowing you to create a space for you or your guests to relax in after a busy day. Our handmade headboards are a contemporary take on these traditional cane styles and are available in three sizes, and three stunning colourways. 

Shop Pavilion Headboards

To create the most inviting bed for your guests (or just for yourself) layer soft furnishings such as one of our new Bordered Throws over a Cotton Crochet Bedspread, and sit cushions in front of the pillows at the head of the bed. Our new Embroidered Linen Cushions are ideal for bedrooms and their fringed edging adds a playful textural element. One cushion is never enough so why not try a customer favourite the Edo Stripe Cushion or a brightly coloured Cordoba Embroidered Velvet Cushion in your arrangement. Experiment with different patterns and colours to achieve your desired look, consider tiled geometrics, whimsical florals, and cheerful stripes in uplifting colours.

Embellish your space by accessorising, add fresh flowers in a classic Bubble Vase, and our handy Plaited Woven Tray is perfect for carrying a croissant and tea back to bed on a slow Sunday morning. The Pavilion Wooden Headboard sets the perfect backdrop for your bedroom retreat, bringing a sense of tranquillity and understated beauty to any interior.

The Side Table

Not too big and not too small, our Pavilion Wooden Side Tables are just the right size. Conveniently, they work wonderfully as coffee tables accompanying your armchair or sofa, paired with a stylish Twisted Floor Lamp and a Seema Raffia Lampshade. Or we love them as bedside tables that make a gentle impact, without being too overpowering.

Just like the ottoman this table is available in three soft colours and has a lower shelf for storing personal items, books and magazines. The reinforced cane top supports a lamp with ease, and has plenty of extra surface space for a carafe of water and your bedtime reading. When it comes to lamps for your bedside tables, a mismatching pair is an easy way to create a harmonious yet eclectic feel. Try our Small Twisted Table lamp with our Scalloped Finestra Lampshade - a small-scale tiled floral design, and Etched Glass Lamp paired with our stunning Bordado Embroidered Lampshade in blue and green.

Elevate your space with understated style and versatile functionality. Explore the new Pavilion Collection of ottomans, headboards and side tables - each piece a testament to exquisite design and craftsmanship. Shop our homeware, accessories and furniture and be inspired to let your interior design shine!

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