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A Spotlight on the Mosaic Lamp
A Spotlight on the Mosaic Lamp
13th March 2024
An excited buzz surrounds our mysterious Mosaic Lamp, beautiful and bejewelled. As with every design, each piece tells a story, and the stunning Mosaic Lamp has a fascinating background. Join us in exploring this special lamp - it's one of Birdie's favourite pieces from the new collection.

Andalusia for Spring Summer 2024

Our new collection, Andalusia, pays homage to the unique architecture and lively culture of the Spanish coast, with a colour palette emulating the lush green mountains, Mediterranean sea and vibrant city streets. The collection features timeless new designs including home accessories, soft furnishings, hand carved furniture and of course our chic Mosaic Lamp.

Our Mosaic Lamp

Handcrafted in India this original design was inspired by a beautiful antique inlaid table Birdie admired in Jaipur. Generously sized, our lamp has a softly curved shape reminiscent of ancient pottery and features a smooth mosaic of playfully irregular stripes. Each stripe colour is a different semi-precious stone formed naturally over thousands of years, and they have been sourced for us from the Rajasthan state of India itself. This process not only leaves each lamp entirely unique, but infuses the essence of a captivating journey and a sense of authenticity into every piece. Despite having only just been released exclusively by Birdie Fortescue, these Mosaic Lamps already have a tapestry of history, with each stone and mark telling their own story.

The Very First Mosaics

Mosaic art boasts a rich history spanning millennia. A mosaic is a flat design created by arranging tesserae - small pieces of stone or other materials, into patterns and imagery. These intricate works have been used to decorate floors, walls, ceilings, and precious objects since before written records began.  

The oldest mosaics, over 5000 years old, were uncovered in a Mesopotamian temple—a simple yet significant arrangement of stones, shells, and ivory. Intriguingly, independent mosaic traditions emerged in the Americas, notably in the Maya civilization, with findings dating back to at least 250 AD, showcasing the remarkable global evolution of mosaic art.

Modern Mosaics

Mosaics flourished as an art form with the Ancient Greeks and Romans, who utilised materials such as marble and glass, alongside precious stones and ceramics to create vibrant scenes. Byzantine religious mosaics adorned churches, and The Islamic Golden Age featured mosques embellished with mesmerising geometric patterns. This style can be seen at Casa de Pilatos in Seville, and Cordoba’s Mezquita, a source of inspiration throughout our Andalusia collection. Today, mosaic art captivates contemporary creators who explore a vast array of materials and styles, ensuring its enduring legacy as one of the most versatile artistic expressions.

Stones of the Lamp

Humans have long been captivated by the allure of colourful and sparkling gemstones, such as volcanic geodes like amethyst, bright diamonds and of course the metamorphic rocks and quartz included in our Mosaic Lamp. Our gorgeous lamp boasts five stunning gemstones, inset in a slightly wavy ringed stripe design, each stone carries its own unique symbolic significance:

Lapis Lazuli is one of the “older” gemstones, symbolising royalty and spirituality, having been revered since ancient times, particularly in Ancient Egypt. This speckled blue stone was believed to lead the soul to immortality and open the heart to love, linking to divine connection and eternal wisdom. Powdered Lapis Lazuli was also used as a pigment for makeup and painting, and as a medicine with many healing properties, including eyesight.

Malachite, renowned for its deep green colouration, has been revered by humans throughout history as a potent protective ward, shielding the owner from evil. If ever there was a stone for merchants, Malachite would be it. Many believed that to store the stone with money would increase wealth, and more importantly safeguard your fortune.

Jasper is a sacred stone and due to its iron content often appears in various shades of yellow, orange and even green, but most commonly red. This stone is believed to present physical and spiritual qualities of protection and nurturing, and can often be found with healers. It may bring the bearer a deep sense of well-being and focus, and as such was often worn as an amulet by ancient people.

Citrine is another “merchants stone”, yellow in colour this gemstone has been discovered in Ancient Egyptian archaeological sites in the form of ornamental talismans. It was thought to ward off evil spirits, and bring positive energy, radiance and wealth to its owner. The sunny colouration is said to bring out the best in people, embodying optimism and luck to those facing a challenge.

Quartz can be found in many colourations but is often used in a pale pink, peach or white form. With powerful healing properties this crystal is known as a source of light and wonder to mankind, having been cherished in Ancient Greece due to the belief that it was everlasting ice formed by the gods. As a result quartz is often seen as a symbol of divinity, balance and manifestation. 

Styling your Mosaic Lamp

The Mosaic Lamp is a showstopper, making it perfect for an entertaining space where you want to make a statement, or to inject a little healing energy into your dinner party! Place it on a large shelf in an alcove or in a darker corner to add a sense of drama and atmosphere to your interior.

This lamp also works wonderfully on a console table in a hallway, especially near your front door as a grand welcome to your home. Or perhaps you would rather savour the delights of our Mosaic Lamp all for yourself in your bedroom?

We love to style it with our Seema Raffia Lampshades to allow the colourful design to take centre stage, with light reflecting beautifully on each individual stone. Our Seema Raffia Lampshades are available in several trim shades, with many colours already featuring in the lamp base itself - this gives you a variety of options to swap in or out.

If you would prefer something a little more detailed, our new Bordado Embroidered Lampshade features intricate embroidery on a neutral shade. Both colourways suit the lamp base, whilst still allowing the mosaic design to shine as a standalone piece. 

So, as you embark on your Spring and Summer refresh, let this lamp be your guiding light, illuminating not just your physical space but also your soul. Embrace its elegance, relish the glow, and rest assured that it will remain a beacon of style and sophistication for years to come.

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