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The Better Future Collective
The Better Future Collective
16th May 2024

We are so, so proud to share that Birdie Fortescue are now part of a small collective of independent businesses sponsoring less advantaged girls at a school in Jaipur, India.  Many of the artisans we work with are based in India and the country holds a special place in Birdie’s heart. So, when the opportunity arose to become an ‘Auntie’ to three girls at Sneh Girls Shikshan Sansthan, a school dedicated to providing free, quality education, we were thrilled to be able to give back through the sponsorship programme.

Love for India

As a keen traveler with a love of all cultures, architecture and beautiful cities, Birdie is a regular visitor to India. There she seeks inspiration, sources new pieces and catches up with our attentive correspondent, Sunil, while also checking in with our talented suppliers. Of course she squeezes in some sightseeing and local experiences, having recently joined Sunil on a visit to the River Ganges.

A Country of Many Talents

India is renowned for its vibrant culture and deep heritage, captivating many with its diverse landscapes, bustling cities, and centuries-old traditions - make it a stunning destination to explore. Like many other companies, we choose to source and manufacture a selection of our products in India for a myriad of reasons. Firstly, India boasts a rich tradition of craftsmanship and skills passed down through generations, resulting in products of exceptional quality with an artisanal touch. 

India also boasts a diverse range of materials, from luxurious silks and handwoven textiles to intricately carved woods and metals, providing designers with a vast palette to work with and competitive prices. Overall, India's blend of craftsmanship, materials, affordability, and sustainability makes it a wonderful destination for not only visiting, but it also allows us to bring Birdie’s designs to life. One of many reasons we are so pleased to be a part of the Better Future Collective, to give a little back to a place that allows us to do so much.

The Better Future Collective

The Better Future Collective is a project Initiated by Daisy Fellowes, founder of Kapara London. Kapara London are a lifestyle brand with a clear focus on supporting the communities wherein their wares are produced, particularly in Jaipur, India. Founder Daisy draws upon her direct experience from her time in Jaipur, where she initially taught English and Maths at the Taabar Street Children's Shelter. Ever since, Daisy has led several projects aimed at providing a positive impact, with a strong focus on enhancing children's education.

The Better Future Collective is all about bringing brands together who want to make a difference, this is particularly sentimental for us due to our connection to India.

“We're focused on education, specifically supporting girls in Luniyawas, a struggling area in Jaipur, by helping them go to school.

We've teamed up with Sneh Girls Shikshan Sansthan (SGSS), a school dedicated to providing free, quality education in a safe environment.

Many girls in impoverished families miss out on school because they're needed at home or because education isn't prioritised for them.

We want to change that narrative and give these girls the chance they deserve.” - Daisy via Kapara London

Meet our Girls

Birdie Fortescue are delighted to be sponsoring three school age girls this year, and our donation will help to fund their education, school supplies, uniform, medical care and meals. Hopefully providing everything they need to flourish, and achieve their dreams. The school, Sneh Girls Shikshan Sansthan (SGSS), is situated in Luniyavas, Jaipur.  Birdie also has the opportunity to visit the school to meet the staff and girls when she is next in India, so watch this space for updates!


Her teachers say she is “Quiet, intelligent and talented”

  • Lavanya is 10 years old
  • She has a keen interest in environmental studies and harbors a deep affection for trees, plants, and animals, evident from her collection of potted plants at home.
  • She has the highest attendance record in her class.
  • Lavanya has an elder sister and a younger brother, her sister is also at SGSS. 
  • Her father, formerly an auto-rickshaw driver, now works as a daily wage laborer due to financial setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown halted his auto-rickshaw income, leading to the vehicle's repossession by the company due to unpaid installments.
  • Consequently, the family endured periods of poverty and hunger.
  • Lavanya's mother contributes to the household income through tailoring work at home.

Neetu is “Intelligent and helpful” according to staff at SGSS.

  • Neetu is also 10 years old
  • She is bright, and assists her classmates in their studies
  • She is artistic, loves drawing and dancing
  • Neetu aspires to become a teacher herself!
  • Her family consists of her parents, five sisters, and one brother. 
  • Two of her sisters also attended SGSS until the 5th grade (end of primary level). At that time, SGSS was only recognised up to primary level, and their parents were unable to send them for further education. Consequently, both girls were married early.
  • Her two younger sisters are also studying in lower classes at SGSS. Another elder sister studied at SGSS. With the help of SGSS, she is currently studying further at a government school. 
  • Neetu's father works as a roadside puncture repairer.
  • Her mother works as a waste sorter in a nearby factory. 

Tanisha's teachers report that she is “Lively, loving and mischievous”

  • Tanisha is 14 years old.
  • She is recognised as the fastest learner among all the girls in her class, demonstrating her sharp intellect.
  • Tanisha's admission to SGSS was facilitated through interactions with other girls attending SGSS who lived nearby.
  • Her favourite subject is mathematics, and she spends her free time solving mathematical problems.
  • She actively participates in various school activities and has a passion for drawing.
  • Tanisha wants to be a pilot!
  • She has a younger sister and three-year-old brother.
  • Her father works as a daily wage laborer, who occasionally engages in extra manual labor such as digging gutters and wells.
  • Her mother manages household duties and supplements the family income by stitching saree-fall (fabrics) at home.

To find out more about this fantastic project check out Kapara's Instagram, and keep an eye out for further updates across our socials and the Journal!

If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause and support the girls of SGSS in their education, please use this link!

Thank you.

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