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Lay the Christmas Table
Lay the Christmas Table
12th December 2023
The festive season is the ideal opportunity to go all out and create a memorable tablescape to enjoy with family and friends, surrounded by stories and laughter. It's no secret that the most impressive displays are usually the best planned. Now is the ideal time to begin curating your Christmas tabletop, and whilst you plan you may just find some unique gift ideas along the way… 

We're feeling festive!

The spirit of Christmas is well under way and hopefully you’ve had at least one (or a few) mince pies by now. Whether you’re nestled into the sofa next to a crackling fire or waiting for a hot drink in a bustling coffee shop before you tackle the rest of your Christmas shopping, let us inspire and talk you through how to lay the perfect Christmas table.

Where to Begin

Begin by choosing a colour palette or a unique feature as the centrepiece to your tablescape. This could be a beautiful tablecloth, a stunning antique or even some home grown seasonal greenery - too delightful to leave outside. Once you have your chosen colour scheme or focal point, layer coordinating items such as napkins, placemats, glassware, ceramics and stylish accessories.

When choosing a colour scheme, obviously red and green are a faultless Christmas classic, but why not incorporate blue into your arrangement? Blues against natural linen and soft arrangements of seasonal foliage can look wonderfully chic and sophisticated.

Layer Up

A tablecloth is always a must for a special occasion, particularly Christmas - elevate your table from day-to-day dining to an extraordinary feast. Set your tablecloth with coordinating (rather than matching) textiles and mismatched ceramics for an interesting but harmonious look. Our beautiful Bel Tablecloths, with Shashiko Napkins, and Round Jute Placemats are a foolproof combination. 

The Fun Bit

Add the finishing touches with loose arrangements of foliage and candlesticks in a variety of colours, arranged asymmetrically along the centre of the table. Our Forever Stripey Planter’s from our collaboration with Sarah Corbett-Winder add a playfulness and each one is unique, bringing a lovely texture to the table. When it comes to greenery holly is a classic choice, but you could opt for eucalyptus and berries for a more contemporary look. Weave through a scattering of candlesticks or place in vases, make it fun and informal - you don’t want to create too much rigidity.

Setting a table is no more than arranging your favourite items; but it is creating an experience. The key thing to remember is that your guests are there to see you, not simply admire the table, so keep things relaxed for a social ambience. Blend the timeless with the unexpected, the traditional with the contemporary, and the familiar with the fun. May your table wow your guests and your glasses never be empty!