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Styling the Pantone Colour of the Year
Styling the Pantone Colour of the Year
29th January 2024
When it comes to choosing the right colour for your interior, the exact shade can make all the difference. Pantone have unveiled their "Colour of the Year" for 2024 as a pastel peach, aptly named "Peach Fuzz”. This warm hue is inspired by togetherness, sanctuary and the need to heal and flourish.

Pantone's "Peach Fuzz"

Pantone's Colour of The Year is “Peach Fuzz”. This soft shade sits between pink and orange, and pairs subtly with neutral tones and natural materials to create a tranquil interior.  If you are looking for something a little more fun, then embrace soft blues and olive greens as complimentary yet contrasting colours. Don’t rule out deeper toned accents either - pops of red can bring richness and warmth, especially when paired with soft lighting. Take one colour as the dominant shade, another as secondary, and one or two final colours as accents. This ensures balance, while still giving your interior that playful eclectic vibe.

Hints of Blue

When starting from scratch, the best way to plan your colour palette is to begin with one hero piece - this can be your favourite artwork, a vibrant rug or a much loved fabric, such as our decorative Kantha and Suzani Throws. We love this abstract painting by Claire Oxley, Stems. Featuring various shades of peach, pink, green and blue Stems is the perfect place to start. Weave blue accents into the room through soft furnishings such as our Sintra Block Print Cushion or Calcada Embroidered Cushion and unique accessories like our blue Bubble Vase. Combining several different tones of peach and reds will create depth - try layering your look with our Rose Villa Jute Rug and tonal Beehive Ceramic Lamp.

Soft Greens

Green is the perfect partner to pink and peach. Andrea Curtis’ Green Table Top captures the essence of this elegant combination and works wonderfully in a bedroom. Our handcrafted Rattan Headboard with a contemporary checked weave and gentle shape creates a sleek backdrop and can be styled against both a painted or patterned wall. Incorporate greens into your scheme through coordinating smaller and mid-scale pattern, such as the floral Flora Cushion and geometric Azulejo design. Our chic Crochet Throw and Bellis Suzani Rug will tie all the pinks and greens together, creating a scheme that is cohesive.

Deep Reds

Take peach to a new level by layering with pops of red and deeper pink tones. For a bolder look choose our Stripey Ottoman - the statement stripes are a perfect counter for the delicate details of Hannah Watts' intricate collages. Combine deeper, playful shades such as our Edo Stripe Pleated Lampshade, and textural Stripey String Candle Wall Lampshades.  Bring the scheme together with our Rhombus Rug and scattered Twisted Candlesticks in a deep red. 

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