The Story 

Our new collection embraces the ancient philosophy of Chowa; the Japanese wisdom that encourages the quest for harmony through the balance of contrasts. From sumptuous velvets with strong motifs to delicate florals printed on linen, our Chowa aesthetic is a balance of different textures, tones and designs. 

Our Chowa cushions are rich and vibrant with colours ranging from deep merlot red, midnight blue and fresh clover green to softer hues of magenta and azure. As sofa styling can sometimes be daunting, we have grouped together a selection of cushions of varying textures and designs that can combine effortlessly with an existing scheme or work beautifully displayed on their own. 

Our Limited Edition Cushions have been hand picked by Birdie as the perfect addition to provide an eclectic ensemble to our collection. The textures range from khadi cotton to chambray and woven wool to handspun Eri silk.