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Easy Updates for Spring
Easy Updates for Spring
27th March 2024
As the nights become milder and the days brighter, Spring has arrived, heralding the impending arrival of Summer. This transitional period presents an ideal opportunity to rejuvenate your home, opting for lighter fabrics, soft designs, and delicate prints. Our latest Spring Summer edit seamlessly blends our captivating new Andalusia collection with timeless signature designs, providing the ideal canvas for embracing the relaxed pace of life during these gentler seasons. Why not transform your home for spring with these five easy updates.

1. Switch out your Cushions

For spring, ditch the heavy, dark prints and weaves of winter in favour of airier fabrics such as cotton linen, and pick pretty florals and geometrics for a light and fresh look. Cushions with bursts of florals add a pop of colour and bring nature to your arrangement, our Andalusia Cushion is a great example. Experimenting with geometric patterns will introduce a modern twist - the gentle linen and tile motif of our new Capilla Block Print Cushion is the perfect balance to your floral piece, and the scalloped edges are so fun for spring! When incorporating a small scale pattern into your design, it's essential to maintain balance by complementing it with a larger scale pattern, such as our Cordoba Block Print Cushion. 

Utilising two many large and intricate patterns simultaneously can lead to a visual overload and be a little too distracting. Select a focal pattern as your hero, and then layer smaller scale prints and different textures to create a harmonious composition, this works for any space where you are incorporating a mixture of soft furnishings to create an eclectic look that really works! Why not try layering our Tara Embroidered Velvet Cushion with our Finestra Block Print and the Embroidered Linen Cushion together for an eclectic look? Refreshing your cushions each season will give your interior an instant update and invite the spring sunshine indoors.

2. Bring the Outside In

Fill your home with flowers from your garden (or your local florist). Whether they are delicately arranged cut flowers in a vase or lush potted plants, there's no such thing as having too many. Their presence brings natural beauty, freshness and a sense of vitality to any space. Positioning seasonal flowers and plants throughout your interior allows you to incorporate vibrant colours, natural shapes, and distinctive textures into your home. Style your beautiful bunch in one of our glass Bubble Vases for a chic look, or if you are looking for more of a textural vibe, then our mache Pentola Vases are ideal. Plants can highlight a room's strengths or camouflage its weaknesses, and the temporary nature of cut flowers means you can treat yourself to new ones every week - without any guilt of adding to plastic waste! 

Having flowers in the home isn't just a trend to make a room look good - they make spaces feel more alive, and even improve our mental health. Research shows that plants reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost mood. They also purify air, increase humidity, and enhance concentration and creativity. The impact that these natural elements have on interior spaces is nothing short of transformative, especially for spring and summer.

3. Bedroom Refresh

Swap out your thick winter bedspread for a more lightweight option as the seasons change. Our intricately handmade Cut-Work Applique Bedspreads are ideal for warmer weather, while the stunning Cotton Crochet Bedspread is perfect in your spare bedroom to impress your guests. For pops of colour then choose our Quilted Squares Bedspread, available in four stunning colourways, perfect for pairing with colourful soft furnishings. All of our bedspreads are cotton, light and white to add a touch of freshness to your bedroom. Opting for a thinner, airier alternative like white cotton or linen is ideal for the warmer months ahead, and keeps your bed looking smart and inviting. Rather than having just one cover the trick is to add layers with a bedspread, cushions and throws, this allows you to sleep comfortably even on the odd chilly night - it is still spring after all! The crisp, clean look of white fabric paired with a bold colourful throw, like our new Bordered Throw, adds style, ensuring that your sleeping space feels both comfortable and chic during the warmer weather.

4. Art Update

Embrace the arrival of spring by revitalising your walls with artwork that radiates vibrancy and joy, rather than anything moody and deep. Bid farewell to the somber tones of winter by swapping out dark oil paintings for pieces that capture the essence of longer days, new life and sunshine. Opt for botanical prints, serene landscapes, or abstract compositions inspired by the beauty of nature.

Visit The Gallery on our website to see our large collection of artworks by our fabulous artists. 

If you want to create a cohesive look in your space, or a gallery wall of art, then sticking to a colour palette will achieve this look. Whether you pick out colours from your artworks and reflect these in your accessories and soft furnishings, or choose artworks of a similar intensity then this will anchor your scheme.

And the best part? You don't need to embark on a shopping spree to achieve this transformation. Simply repositioning existing pieces of art throughout your home can breathe new life into your surroundings, offering a completely fresh perspective. So let your creativity flow as you curate a gallery of uplifting artwork that celebrates the beauty of spring in every corner of your home.

5. Lampshade Swap

As with your cushion arrangement, try switching your lampshades for lighter, more playful designs. Spring and Summer are all about embracing colour and pattern, and lampshades provide the perfect canvas for adding a playful touch to your interior in one simple swoop. Consider tiled geometrics, whimsy florals, and cheerful stripes in uplifting colours - reflecting the brightness spring brings. The Scalloped Finestra Lampshade, a small-scale tiled floral design, pairs wonderfully with our much-loved Edo Stripe range as juxtaposing lamps for your bedside tables. To create a feature in a corner why not style our new Bordado Embroidered Lampshade on a classic Twisted Floor Lamp for understated style, the intricate coloured thread design against a natural linen background gives the shade a light summery feel, which is perfect for your spring bedroom refresh. Inject a sense of joy and vitality into your interior with our latest collection of lighting and accessories.

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