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Meet Andrea Curtis
Meet Andrea Curtis
3rd October 2023

What does a typical day look like for you?

My day starts with a dog walk as I find it gives me time to plan my day and gets me in the right headspace for work. I then usually do any admin or if I have appointments or calls I’ll usually plan them for the morning - this is because once I start painting or doing any creative work I like to have uninterrupted time. I rarely stop for lunch ( bad habit I know !) and work in my studio until about 5pm. Sometimes if I’m in a bit of creative ‘flow’ I’ll also go back into my studio for an hour or so after dinner.

Where did your career as a colour consultant and artist begin?

I studied textile design in college so have always had an interest in colour and design. I started out, very many years ago, painting furniture and this soon developed into colour consultation as clients were asking for advice about colours for their homes. I’ve always intuitively had a good understanding of how colour feels in a space and how colour can pull a design scheme together. Colour consultation is a popular concept now but when I started it was quite an unusual occupation. My journey as an artist started in art college and I’ve always created art over the years, mostly bespoke pieces and wall murals for my clients as part of an interior scheme. I suppose it was during ‘lockdown’ that I decided to create a collection of work that came from my own inspiration and that really was the start of my current artistic journey, creating collections of work that tell my own story.

Who/ what are you inspired and influenced by in your work?

 I love textiles, pattern and colour so I am always inspired by my surroundings - it could be patterned tiles in majorca, artisan textiles or colour combinations in beautiful flower gardens. I absolutely love ceramics - and have way too many at home! Pots and bowls often feature in my work - I love the shapes and marks of Lucy Rie ceramics; but also find inspiration in antique pottery. I also love the pattern and mark making of tapa cloths from the pacific and have a collection of aboriginal paintings at home that I love for their bold colours and simple marks.

My all time favourite artist is Paul Klee - his colour combinations and mark making  has always inspired my work from college to the present day. 

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What are some of your favourite colour palettes/ schemes to use in interiors? 

My personal colour scheme favourites would be a combination of blue, green, warm white with an accent of pink or red in warm, soft tones. This combination feels calm, with the warm white adding some brightness and the red/pink adding a pop of fun.

However when working with clients, it’s very much about encouraging them to discover their own preferences and then advising them on how to create a palette for a cohesive scheme. 

What are some of your top tips for someone looking to introduce colour to their interiors?

You could start by looking around your own house for inspiration (a favourite bowl, painting etc) or pinterest and magazines are great for moodboarding. Often this will give you an indication of the types of colours you like and the feeling you’re trying to create in your home.  From this, pick out a couple of colours from your moodboard - thinking about how you want the room to feel. Do you want it to feel calm, bright, playful or dark and cosy for example - a dark, warm blue may look great in a photo but think about how that would feel in your home - if you like lots of light then it may not be for you.  

Paint up your chosen colours on large swatches and pin them around the room. This is the most important thing you can do - the bigger the swatches the more you can ‘feel’ the colour in the space. Trust your intuition and try it - it’s only paint.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

I love seeing the transformation colour can bring to a home and seeing a client gain confidence in their choices. If I’ve helped someone create a home they feel really comfortable in then I’m happy.

As an interiors brand, we'd love to know about your interiors style?

Laid back, colourful, artisan

What makes a house a home for you?

A space that everyone feels comfortable in - a welcoming space for family and friends

What is your favourite piece from the Lisboa collection?

I love the crochet throw - in the blue colourway especially. My mum and grandma both crocheted so on a personal level it evokes good memories. I also think it would bring a nostalgic but modern touch to a bedroom which instantly feels homely and comfortable.

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