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Sleep in This Spring
Sleep in This Spring
5th April 2024

As a significant part of daily life, your bedroom must rest in the sweet spot between practicality and indulgence, creating a place of tranquillity is as essential as reflecting your own sense of style!

By skilfully layering colour, texture, and patterns, you can achieve an eclectic, yet stylish interior design in your bedroom without the room feeling cluttered or disorganised. This delicate balance is achieved through the thoughtful arrangement of soft furnishings and strategic lighting against high quality furniture and stunning art works.

Soft and Peaceful

If you like a pared back approach to design and enjoy clean, soft interiors, then this scheme is for you - with calming blues, comforting neutrals and touches of pink for interest. While gentle colour palettes are particularly relaxing and fitting for a bedroom, it’s important to inject character with artworks, texture and natural accents. To achieve this, choose unique furniture that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Our new Pavilion Collection has been designed with bedrooms in mind and suits both contemporary and traditional interiors alike. The taupe colour option is particularly versatile, here we have gone for a headboard and side table, which is sturdy enough for a good size lamp. The hand carved leaf motif is ideal for spring and summer living, while the intricate cane finish adds a natural warmth. 

The Pavilion Collection

This season we are thrilled to introduce the new Pavilion Collection. Inspired by nature with a hand carved leaf motif, the range includes wooden headboards, side tables and ottomans, all finished with a soft natural cane interior. Ideal for both contemporary and traditional interiors, the cane finish adds softness whilst the hand carved leaf motif is feminine without being overly pretty. Available in three colourways, each piece has been designed to create a calming and cohesive bedroom setting. 


Try using a timeless rug as the foundation for your scheme - for example, our Buna Rug is both soft and durable, and will add a sense of cosiness. Style your rug under the bed, this is particularly effective in rooms with hardwood floors that can often feel cold to the touch - this keeps your feet nice and warm when you get out of bed (eventually). We have opted to carry the blue tones throughout the room for a cohesive feel, with Lloyd Durling’s painting “Still Life Antique White” anchoring our scheme.

Following our blue and pink visual thread we have included our Quilted Squares Bedspread with embroidered detailing, and layered with our soft Ori Throw. Cushions are a must! We like to style a smaller scale next to a larger design to create balance - too many smaller scale designs will feel busy. The textural fringing on our pink Embroidered Linen Cushion is sure to make it a popular addition to any bedroom, and ties to the natural undertones of this scheme.

For an accent colour to be effective it needs to be repeated 2-4 times throughout the space, therefore we are styling our pink Capilla Block Print Lampshade on a Small Twisted Table Lamp. Low level lighting is key for creating a relaxing ambience in a bedroom, and multiple lamps give you plenty of options.

Capilla Block Print Lampshade

Capilla is a soft geometric design inspired by the ceramic tiles seen in the Catedral de Sevilla in Spain. Our Capilla Block Print Lampshade is an easy to style design and pairs beautifully with our signature Twisted Table Lamps. Block printed in India, this unique lampshade can be used as both a pendant shade or on a lamp base. To convert to a pendant shade, please purchase a Lampshade Pendant Adapter. With three fresh colourways to choose from, this lampshade provides a playful addition to any scheme and is perfect for refreshing an existing lamp. The small scale geometric design is contemporary yet timeless and works particularly well when styled with our Etched Glass Lamp either as a bedside table light or a feature on a console table.

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Spring Florals

With florals and fresh greens this look is the epitome of spring! Keeping with our nature inspired Pavilion Furniture Collection, this time choosing the pretty green colourway and the ottoman instead of the side table, paired with our headboard. This sage green flows through each piece, with delicate pops of colour throughout.

Our Ziggurat Rug brings the scheme together and incorporates a variety of shades - our soft furnishings, Bordado Lampshade and the artwork take their accent colours from the rug. The beautiful collage is ‘Suzani V’ by Hannah Watts, Hannah is a collector of textile and paper, and as a result her floral pieces are truly unique and often full of vibrant patterns - well-suited for the season.

Continuing the floral theme and moving onto the bed, our super soft Quilted Squares Bedspread and Crochet Throw are the ultimate landing pad. All of our bedspreads are cotton, light and white to add a touch of freshness to your bedroom. Opting for a thinner, airier alternative like white cotton or linen is ideal for the warmer months ahead, and keeps your bed looking smart and inviting. Rather than having just one cover, add layers with a bedspread, cushions and throws for depth and comfort. We’ve styled the bedding with our customer favourite Finestra Block Print Cushion in green and the botanical Andalusia Cushion for a mix and match look. The majority of our products are available in at least three colourways, and all are designed to look great together, making Birdie Fortescue the perfect stop when putting together your interior.

Bold and Beautiful

Choose deeper tones and contrasting designs with this coastal blue and green palette, all tied together with Claire Oxley’s stunning painting “A Wilder Meadow” our Rattan Headboard and our classic Wensum Circular Table.

Fabrics are crucial in any room but they are particularly powerful in a bedroom setting - a good rug such as our original Prateek Rug, an abundance of cushions layered to perfection and our coordinating throws are key to a room feeling inviting. You could choose to keep the base of a room neutral, simply adding in cushions and throws to bring the room to life and make the scheme sing. 

For this moodboard we have curated some of our boldest items. Our new Bordered Throw - featuring block colour and a contrasting scalloped edge foots the bed, or you can drape it over a chair. We have our new Capilla design with our super soft Cordoba Embroidered Velvet Cushion. A bold look isn’t just translated simply through colour and contrast - textures can lend a hand too. Tasselled edges, rustic rattan and the natural fibres of the Seema Lampshade styled with cotton and luxurious velvet all add to a stronger look. Our Cotton Crochet Bedspread base is an excellent example of boldness through texture - handmade by artisans in India the crochet detailing is striking when layered with other soft furnishings.

Whether you are aiming for a soft bedroom look or something bold and colourful, choose your moodboard to create your restful haven, and sleep in this spring!

You can shop our latest collection of soft furnishings, lighting and home accessories  for Spring and Summer here!

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