Dana Finch

Dana Finch’s work is inspired by the shapes and patterns of the natural world, particularly the robust forms of desert plants, the landscapes of hot places and the raw, elemental surroundings of Cornwall. Having travelled extensively in Spain as a child she is revisiting these dramatic and wondrous landscapes in her current body of work. Dana is based in Cornwall and has a studio at Trewidden Gardens.

Fred Clark

Fred Clark is an artist working in London who has travelled extensively to paint. He has had three solo shows in London, the two most recent being landscape paintings from the south of Spain.

This collection is a series of work compiled from various short trips around the world and has never been shown before. From Cuba, Myanmar, Kerala and the Andaman Islands, these works showcase the artist's interest in tropical coastlines and islands. The particular kind of languor and romance evoked by such places and the ongoing legacy of artists such as Gauguin and Peter Doig represent for him 'a subject that will always excite my visual curiosity'.

Claudia Legge

Claudia Legge is an award-winning photographer based in London. She works and exhibits worldwide. She also works as a fashion and travel photographer and shoots album covers and music videos for the likes of Laura Marling. We are thrilled to represent a selection of Claudia’s ‘observed’ images which are characterized by strong colours and simple, abstract shapes. The strands running through Claudia’s unifying vision are ever present, namely bold chromatic forms, abstract and unusual compositions and an eye for tension within an image.

Ruth Willis

Ruth Willis was born in Cumbria and now lives in Suffolk. Ruth’s oil paintings are created to interpret the joy she gets from experiencing the world around her. Often painting to music she records her memories and feelings as rhythmic colour, experimenting with shapes and collages.

Christopher Penn

Christopher Penn is an art consultant specialising in Modern and Contemporary Art. Although he has also painted for many years, this is his first series of iPad Drawings. They are inspired by the 'colour fieldpaintings of the mid-20th Century American Abstract Expressionists and are a response to the Spring collection currently on view at Birdie Fortescue.

Linda Jamieson

Artist Linda Jamieson was born and spent her childhood in Norfolk. She was trained at St. Martins school of Art, and studied further at Heatherlys and with Francis Pratt in France and Norfolk. Linda's abstract landscape paintings are ever popular and have been exhibited in Norfolk and London. 

Catherine Cazalet

Catherine Cazalet is based in London and is an artist and designer. Her work is informed by her interest in colour, composition and the history and origins of design. Catherine's classical training plays a significant part in her practise although the longing for the abstract can clearly be seen in her vibrant and simple work.

Tor Falcon

Tor is a landscape artist based in Norfolk whose work is very much rooted in the English Landscape tradition. Tor's work is defined by her walks around the countryside where her pastel drawings are created. We currently have a number of drawings from her Peddar's Way series which document her journey along this ancient Norfolk pathway.

Annabel Fairfax

Artist Annabel Fairfax grew up in Suffolk and has painted all her life. Her beautiful flower paintings make a vibrant addition to any wall and we are thrilled to be able to represent a capsule collection of her oils in store and online.

Bea Forshall

Artist Bea is a contemporary printmaker who was born in South West France and lived in Catalonia before moving back to the UK. She finds the natural world a constant source of inspiration and her work almost exclusively revolves around animals and conservation. Beatrice's hand finished prints are ever popular with our clients and she has also recently exhibited in Brighton and London.

Annie Field

Artist Annie is a member of the Chelsea Arts Society and the South West Sculptor Association. She is also an Academician of the Southwest Academy of Applied and Fine Arts. We hold a range of Annie's landscape and still life paintings in the shop and online.